Think. Grow. Believe. Greatness.

TTS Now founded in April of 2019 with a
single passion and mission. We build legacies
with creative out of the box thinking and
unrivaled marketing consultancy. We
promote excellence for our clients with
enthusiasm and market-proven strategies.

In order to exceed our client’s expectations,
we have expanded our agency to perfect our
experiential marketing strategies. We create
opportunities in the market to create long
lasting bonds between brands and
consumers. Our proven track record shows
that not only can we break into any targeted
demographic but can provide longevity in
customer retention.


Our CEO and founder Trevaughn Squires is no
stranger to hard work. Being the son of
Trinidaian and Jamaican immigrants he was
born with an untiring will to succeed.
Something his background shows well.

Trey once pursued a medical degree while
working two jobs and going to school but
soon found the time investment
burdensome. After seeking advice from a
mentor, he began the foundation for TTS

He started as a simple part-timer learning
the ropes. His partial status was short-lived
as his proficiency grew so did his confidence.
He began putting in 60 hour days, voluntarily
staying for overtime at every
opportunity.While marketing was not his
original calling it soon became his passion.
He continues to hold dear these key

1) Settle for nothing less than your best and nurture your ability to learn.

2) If you come with your best effort, the least you can gain is experience.

3) Progress is not linear. Everything and everyone is a work in progress. Once you make peace with that, then you can truly thrive.

and most importantly...

Keep in mind that the principles of marketing act as a stepping stone to every other industry in the world. No matter where you go from this intensely competitive industry, you WILL apply what you've learned.

Trevaughn has previously had a successful
run in Marietta,GA and hopes his success will
follow him to Savannah.

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